Elonzo Wesley started as an offshoot of Elonzo. After writing and releasing records with that project for around 6 years, we decided to call it quits as a band. I had to start new. So I spent 2015 playing solo shows, touring when I could, and was lucky enough to be able to release two EP’s (“To Be True” and a split 7″ with Sinners and Saints “This Ain’t No Country Song”).

Sometime during the summer (2015) I met Taylor Winchester at a show. We talked about potentially playing together, but it wasn’t until that fall that we actually would. In November, we played our first set together as a duo opening for the now renowned SUSTO. The show went well and it was a welcome feeling to have someone else on stage with me.

After playing for a few months together, and realizing we might be on to something with the string band idea, we invited along one of my old friends, Dennis Contreras to start playing upright bass with us. Shortly after that I met our now violinist Alicia Driver while I was working the sound booth at a club here in Charlotte for another band she was playing with.

All that to say, 2016 was a really good for Elonzo Wesley. We are growing leaps and bounds musically I’m really happy about the music we are making together. We’re working on a new record that will be out by the summer….. so stay tuned!

Jeremy Davis ( and all the EW Crew )

Jeremy Davis – Vocals, Guitar
Taylor Winchester – Mandolin
Dennis Contreras – Upright Bass, Vocals
Alicia Driver – Violin, Vocals

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